as prescribed by the Queensland Government


1) Proxy Forms

        Annual General Meeting

This form is required if you wish to give your proxy to another person because you cannot be present although alternatively you can fill in you voting forms and forward.  A proxy form cannot be accepted on the engagement of a Body Corporate Manager or a Service Contractor - if you have any queries always check with your strata manager.


        Committee Meeting

This form is required if you are a committee member and wish to give your proxy to another committee member because you cannot be present at the meeting.


2) Nomination for Committee Form

These forms will be sent out 30days prior to your Body Corporate's financial year end.  If you are going away - please phone Sargeant Strata and request one be sent to you.


3) Motion for Annual General Meeting

A guide to a correct motion - The motion should follow the CLEAR guideline.


4) Change of Address/ Company Nominee Form

      * advise your email address for minutes and or levy Notices

All roll changes are to be in writing and cannot be made over the phone - If you are a company you will have to fill in a company nominee form to ensure you give authority to someone to vote on behalf of all matters.


5) Adjudicators decisions

Department of Justice and Attorney-General : Adjudicator's decisions

A great way to find prior decisions of the Adjudicator.


Dispute Resolution Information

All you want to know about Dispute Resolution submission and how the Dept. handles it - the Form for submission is available on this page as well.

6) Conciliation Application Form






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