Prospective Client

How do you appoint SARGEANT Strata.

The Body Corporate, in a general meeting, should consider a motion approving the engagement of a Strata Manager. We have provided a draft of that agreement and can adapt it to your specific requirements.

There is no charge for the transfer and input of Body Corporate records onto our computer system and we guarantee accurate and regular monthly status reports being available for distribution to Committee Members and Managers. We are able to provide a variety of Budget Reports and Financial Statements directly to Committee Members, from the StrataMax system. All accounting processes are dealt with in-house and we guarantee payment of all approved invoices within 7 days of receipt. Your dedicated Strata Manager will view all invoices and be involved in all accounting procedures to provide a fully informed service.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on or call on 07 5539 6886.

We look forward to a personal meeting with Committee Members so that we can answer any queries you have and to enable us to understand your specific requirements. We guarantee that we will liaise.