Secretarial Services

This is a brief description of our Secretarial Service

Key Benefits

  • Convene and attend the annual general meeting.
  • Call nominations for the positions of executive and ordinary members of the committee.
  • Acknowledge nominations received
  • Prepare and distribute the notice of annual general meeting, voting papers, ballots and ancillary documentation.
  • Prepare and record voting registers for all meetings
  • Record and distribute the minutes of the annual general meeting.
  • Prepare and distribute notices for committee meetings.
  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Record and distribute the minutes of committee meetings.
  • Arrange for appointment of a returning officer.
  • Arrange for appointment of Auditor of accounts
  • Deal with all correspondence, letters, emails, phone calls.
  • Issue new owners information letters
  • Working together (Liasing) daily with Resident Unit Managers and Committee Members
  • Maintain all contract registers and minute books